STS Foundation Student Exchange gives American families the opportunity to share their lives and culture with exchange students from around the world by welcoming them into their homes for 5 or 10 months.

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Sharing cultures

High School Exchange Students are eager to share their culture and experience life with a typical American family. Cultural exchange is at the core of your hosting experience.


Enriching your community

The impact of hosting an exchange student goes beyond the family that opens their home to them. They bring a new perspective to the whole community that welcomes them.


Making lifelong connections

Hosting an exchange student is more than having a guest in your house and many have grown large international families over the years. The friendships that are created during an exchange year will last a lifetime.

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Meet Our Students!

STS Foundation exchange students are bright and curious young cultural ambassadors coming from over 30 different countries.

When you choose to host an exchange student, you are welcoming a new family member. Learn more about our students and where they come from to find the best student for your family!

Meet our Students

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