Exchange Students Prepare For Their Exchange Year in the USA

Each year, high school exchange students around the world prepare for their exchange year in America by attending orientations before leaving their home countries. At these events, students prepare for immersing themselves in a new culture and review the rules of the program. This year, members of the STS Foundation team were invited to join these events to share their perspectives on life in the USA and what to expect as an exchange student.

Amanda Garcia_PDO Sweden

STS Foundation Regional Director Amanda Garcia flew to Sweden to meet with students and their families as they prepare for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“This past month, I had the chance to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation in Sweden, organized by STS Education. It was an exhilarating experience where I met fantastic colleagues, incoming students, and their parents. During the presentation, I provided a unique perspective by answering questions that arose. I had an incredible time meeting our colleagues at the Swedish office.

During the breaks, several parents approached me to ask some questions. It was a pleasure for me to talk to parents, answer their questions, and help alleviate their fears.

Working with STS Foundation has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with students, host families, and Local Coordinators, and engage in fulfilling work that truly resonates with me. Traveling with STS Foundation has opened up a world of possibilities, and has made me realize that exploring new places is more accessible than I previously thought. I’m already looking forward to my next adventure!”

Amanda Garcia_PDO Sweden (3)

Work with adventurous, caring, and professional teammates like Amanda and become part of STS Foundation’s mission to foster greater mutual understanding in our world and to empower young people to grow through the power of cultural exchange! With STS Foundation, you will become a mentor and advocate for these wonderful exchange students. By bringing cultural exchange to your community, you’ll be helping build international bridges and break down cultural barriers. You’ll get to learn about cultures from around the world and have access to an annual incentive trip with other STS Foundation team members. Maybe you’ll find yourself at the next orientation in Sweden! Learn more about joining the STS Foundation Team!

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Exchange Students Prepare For Their Exchange Year in the USA

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