STS Foundation National Food Drive

How to set up a food drive in your local community

1. Contact your local food bank

Check online to see where your local food bank is located and reach out to them to let them know that you would like to host a food drive on their behalf. Make sure to ask them what food they are looking for and what food they cannot accept.

2. Decide how to run your food drive

Decide if you will organize a one-day event where you will be inviting people to come to meet you and drop off their donations, or if you will set up a donation box in a specific location over a period of time for people to drop off donations in their own time.

If you are organizing an event for your food drive, be sure to order your STS Foundation t-shirt!

3. Promote your food drive

Promoting and telling people about your food drive is key! Be sure to let your friends, people at school, host family, Local Coordinator, and others around you know that you are organizing a food drive. You can create a flyer to hand out at school and in your local community. Don’t forget to ask your local food bank if they have any material they can share with you.

4. Collect and deliver food donations

Be sure to check with your local food bank for a list of the food they will accept and to only accept donations from that list. Once you have collected all donations and checked that you have what the food bank needs, it’s time to drop it off at your local food bank!


Share your event and get an STS Foundation t-shirt!

If you will be hosting a one-day food drive, be sure to tell us about your event so that we can help promote it and send you an STS Foundation t-shirt to wear on the day of the event. Click below to tell us about your event and order your t-shirt.

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