Local Coordinator Finds a New Career in Student Exchange

Each year, STS Foundation Local Coordinators all around the USA help foster and grow cultural exchange in their communities. They build lifelong friendships around the world while working with students, high schools, and families who open their hearts and homes to new cultures. Karley Ailin joined the STS Foundation team in Missouri and treasures the connections she’s made with her students and host families! Karley shares her story and how much she’s learned in her role as Local Coordinator with STS Foundation.

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"Toward the end of 2020, I was looking for a different path in my career. I was looking for something new, something I hadn't done before. When I saw the STS Foundation listing, I wondered what it meant to be a Local Coordinator. I imagined it would be fun, though difficult and daunting. Though I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, I took the leap, and I'm glad I did.

Three years later, I've gotten to connect with wonderful host families and exchange students. I've had the privilege of learning so much from my students about where they are from, in addition to learning from my peers and my Regional Director.

The connections I've made with others have been the most meaningful throughout this journey. Being a Local Coordinator is such a fun process. Talking to people about other countries and giving students the opportunity to learn about America is so heartwarming. I've enjoyed hearing about the history others have had with hosting over the years. My favorite experience has been getting to see my students participate in their favorite sports. Currently, one of my students excels at soccer, and the other at wrestling. They are both wonderful kids and I'm going to be sad to see them have to go home at the end of the school year!"

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You too can work with positive, professional teammates like Karley and become a part of STS Foundation’s mission to foster greater mutual understanding in our world and to empower young people to grow through the power of cultural exchange!

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Local Coordinator Finds a New Career in Student Exchange

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