Marie from Austria

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Marie from Austria

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Politics, Gymnastics, Photography, Reading, Volleyball, Dance, Drama or Theater, Cheerleading

About this Student

Hey, I’m Marie and I am an Austrian girl, who would love to do an exchange year in the US and hopefully become part of your family! My family consists of me, my younger and older sister – she moved out a couple years ago – and both my parents.

I’ve been thinking about doing an exchange for many years now – unfortunately, I cannot pinpoint the exact origin of this idea or who made me aware of such a program. The only thing I do know is the reason why I chose the US. I vividly remember my older sister sitting me in front of the TV – I had to be around 5 or 6 years old – and forcing me to watch “High School Musical”. I’m aware that this probably is a very exaggerated presentation of American High Schools, but I loved that movie at the time, and it most definitely was the start of my admiration towards the USA.

It wasn’t until the start of COVID, that my interests towards the English language sparked and I began to read books and watch movies/YouTube videos in English. Comparing the cultural differences between America and Austria became a very exciting task and the desire to experience it for myself sometime became even greater. After a few months, the constant confrontation with that language finally started to show itself through my academic achievements.

Besides my obvious fascination with English and America, my interests also include photography & interior design – a hobby that I’d like to turn into my full-time job in the future. When it comes to sports-related hobbies, acrobatics and volleyball are activities I highly enjoy doing. My entire childhood consists of me teaching myself new gymnastic skills and soon joining a club. Sadly, due to COVID and lockdown, I lost interest in the club and decided to quit after two years of membership. Nowadays, I still do acrobatics at home and in my free time, but not to the pre-COVID extend.

Since I’m the worst at describing my own personality, I asked some of my close friends to do it for me! According to them, I am a friendly, extroverted, empathetic, and considerate person. They also mentioned my creativity and open-mindedness towards many things – religion for example. Even though, I’m not particularly religious, I would 100% be open going to church with your family or being introduced to an entirely different religion. My teachers describe me as a hardworking, respectful, polite, and organized student. Since I give tutoring lessons at my school for younger students, I think of myself as independent and responsible, as well as flexible.

I’m really looking forward to perhaps fulfilling a dream by joining the cheerleading or volleyball team if possible. I also cannot wait to finally celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time, since it is not a thing here. And lastly, I am beyond excited to hopefully become close friends with my host family and spend an entire year with you! It would mean a lot to become part of your family!

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