Elisa from Italy

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Elisa from Italy

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Gymnastics, Reading, Dance, Cooking

About this Student

My name is Elisa. I was born in Italy in a city near Milan but my parents are originally from Central Italy in a city near Rome where the rest of my family lives. They moved in Northern Italy because of my father’s job and we are still living here. Sometimes it’s a little difficult for me, my younger sister and my little brother because we can’t see the rest of the family when we want but only during summer holidays and Christmas holidays. Also most of my friends live near Rome or in Rome, so I can’t see them during the school period, and this makes me miss them, even if we sometimes make video calls. However we remain a united family, in fact all my family supports me in this decision, even if my mum at first was a little perplexed when I told her that I wanted to do an exchange year in the US.


I think of myself as a really kind, nice, hardworking and determinate person, indeed I never give up even when things become difficult and hard, and I always try to find a solution and do my best. In my free time I love listening to music, reading novels and watching TV series or TV programs, especially k-dramas. I also like cooking, dancing, doing picnics and hanging out with my friends.


Another passion of mine is sport, in fact in Italy I sometimes go to the gym near my house and I do gymnastics twice a week. I have been doing artistic gymnastic since I was 10 years old and I really enjoy this sport because it helps me focuse, clear my mind and have fun especially with my teammates. Now I’m quite old for this sport so I think this year will be the last year I do gymnastic even because every year that passes school becomes more and more difficult so I it becomes harder to reconcile school with sport.


Like I said before unfortunately I am not always able to do as much sport as I would like because school takes me a lot of time and energy every day, and to avoid getting bad grades, I have to study a lot of hours a day making me have less time my interests and other passions. The Italian school system is very different from the American one, I do a type of high school called in Italian Liceo Linguistico where I study a lot of languages, I study English, French and Russian (in addition to Italian). This type of school of school involves theoretical and less practical activities and study, so it s pretty hard. Although I really like muy school here in Italy, I cant’ wati to try a new school system out!


During my stay I would like to do some family activities, like cooking, go for walks together, visit new places or watch a movie together, doing sports and playing board and cart games. I also would like to share my culture by cooking Italian dishes together, like pasta and pizza, or by sharing information about my life and traditions in Italy.

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