Daniel from Spain

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Daniel from Spain

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Handball, Basketball, Soccer

About this Student

My name is Daniel. I live with my parents and my sister in a flat. I love living in my city because is not to much big so we can move to all places, and is not to much small, so we can do a lot of things.


I love doing thing with my family, like going for a walk, travelling, doing barbecues, seeing films, cooking like in “Pizza Fridays” and playing FIFA with my father and winning him. One of my favourite days of the week are the weekends when I go to see my city football team playing a match with my father and my grandpa, I love it. Every Sunday we spend time with my whole family in my grandparents countryside and we have a lot of fun. We always celebrate special days like Christmas, Easter and Halloween. Above all i love Christmas because my my uncles that live in Germany come and we spend time with them. We can’t have a dog because my father is allergic, but I’d love having one.


In my school I always get good marks because I am hard worker, responsible and active. I have the day organised to study, doing sport and spending time with my family.


Like I’d said before I’m very active, I love doing sports like handball, soccer, basketball, going to the gym… I have played soccer for six years and handball since I was seven, and i only play basketball in my free time.


Last year I achieved an impressionnant goal, I become one of the best three teams of my community and one of the best sixteen teams of my country, I am so proud of it, because we are only a school team and we compete against cities. I know that my sport, handball, is not so common in the United States, so I am open to try new sports.


I also love hanging out with my friends on weekend, playing soccer and having fun with them. This year my best friend has gone to Belgium to do a school year in there with the objective of learning more English, but I don’t want to go to the USA only for learning more English, I also want to learn about your culture and see how I develop out of my control zone and I’d love to do it with your help. I think that I know a bit about the american culture thanks of the series, films… but I’d love to be involved in this amazing culture.


I have a cousin who has already done this program and she told me how good is it, so I would love to do it. Since my parents proposed this to me, I am very excited to be in the USA for a year, because it was my dream since I was 12 years old. I can’t wait to stay in the United States and live this unforgettable experience. I hope to transmit my culture and my customs as you would do with me.


I am so glad for living this experience with you and I hope to be part of your family.

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