Duko from the Netherlands

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Duko from the Netherlands

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Hockey, Basketball, Fitness

About this Student

Hi, my name is Duko and I’m from the Netherlands.


I live in a large city in the North of the country. I live with my family: my father, who is a scientific programmer and a student in astronomy, my mum, a professor in Economic Geography at the university and my 13 year old sister. Oh, and our three cats: Zelda, Benji and Link. Our house is in a residential neighbourhood, about 20 cycling distance from my school.


I’m in grade 10 of my High School here in the Netherlands. In school, I’m focusing on social economic subjects. I like seeing my friends at school every day. I mostly hang out at school and after school with my group of friends. We also play floorball together and go to the gym together. My friends and I also play a lot of computer games on multi-user platforms, so we spent a lot of time together. I love having fun with my friends. Last year we went with school to Berlin in Germany on a school trip and we shared a hostel room together. We did not get a lot of sleep!


In my spare time I like to do sports: floorball and weightlifting. I also like working on and at my computer. I like programming and computergames. I used to be a big Zelda fan, that is also why 2 of the cats have names related to that game. I used to have a part time job at the local supermarket filling shelves. It was quite boring, so after a while I saved up some money and then I stopped to spend more time on schoolwork.


I would like to spend some time abroad and experience school in a very different context. The Dutch school system is very different than the American. In movies we get an idea how high school works and I think it would be really great to experience this first hand. I am especially excited about the big sport events at schools and the very different kind of course and subjects that are offered in the USA compared to my own school. I am eager to learn more about the USA.

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