Viggo from Sweden

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Viggo from Sweden

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Golf, Sailing, Tennis, Weightlifting, Track

About this Student

Hello! My name is Viggo and I am 17 years old. In my free time, i love to hang out with my friends, playing golf or even poker. At the moment I also enjoy playing video games with friends, especially now in winter time when it’s around negative 10 degrees Celsius. I have lived in the same house near the ocean in Gothenburg with my mom, dad, dog, and two older brothers my whole life. The oldest now lives in his apartment and my next oldest brother is at the moment traveling around to different countries. I am now going through my second year in gymnasiet which is junior year in high school.


So what do I see for my future? I think it is tough as a 17-year-old to know what I want to do In my future but I guess my main goal is to be successful. All I know for now at least is that I want to do something fun but also very rewarding and I think going on an exchange will make it easier for me to succeed. At the moment I would love to think that if I play a lot of golf on my exchange on a team and at home in Sweden, I would be able to play college golf and I know that would take a lot of work as I am only a 13 handicapper that just started around two years ago. But I believe that if I play for hours every day it would be possible. I know that there will be plenty of other challanges on my exchange year that I haven’t even thought about but learning how to deal with those and going through them is also I reason why i want to go on an exchange program, to learn not only golf but also getting to know new friends. I don’t know what I am most passionate about but that is one of the reasons why I would want to do this program, to find what I am passionate about.


Now, how would an exchange year help me succeed and reach my goals? I think that an exchange year would be very challenging, hard, and full of learning and I think that is why it would help me reach my goals and aspirations as I strongly believe that going through hardships will help you in many ways and improve a person better in almost every way. It might be hard but I think that if you could make it through, you will become a stronger person. This will have been such a good thing to have faced when you go through life and I think it is the key for me to mature and better myself on the exchange. Regarding my career choices, I don’t know what my future holds, but I would hope that it is something that excites me and hopefully this exchange with you guys could help me realize what I want for my future.


Anyways as long as I can escape from the cold in Sweden I foresee that this exchange year with whoever you guys are will be a year to remember and most likely a year that will help me grow years ahead. Thank you future Host family for your time and I hope I’ll see you!

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