Marianna from Poland

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Marianna from Poland

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Reading, Travel, Walking, Fitness

About this Student

Hi! I’m Mar and I’m 17. I live in Poland. I have a dog, a vizsla, his name is Choco and he’s the sweetest ever. I’m in the 11th grade of high school.


I love having new experiences, such as meeting people or being in unknown environments. I really enjoy watching movies, specifically thrillers or rom-coms. I’m interested in cinematography, so my best friends and I go to the cinema every chance we get. 🙂 I also love reading books, simple literary fiction or contemporary fiction – I prefer modern books, because I find them more relatable and light. My favorite thing to do is to spend my free time with friends – going shopping, to the cinema or just hanging out at the park and talking. I try to do that as much as I can, especially when the weather’s nice.


Company is very important to me. That’s why I also like being at school, there’s a good atmosphere. My favorite subjects are English, Polish and Chemistry. I fancy learning new things, like facts about nature, philosophy or interesting historical characters. One day I’d like to study either sociology or criminology. Despite enjoying company so much I also value my alone time. When I’m at home I listen to music – which I love, go on walks to the forest or the park with my dog, read fashion magazines and, the most important, spend time with my family. We like playing board games and going on walks together, as well as simply having conversations over shared meals. That’s one of the reasons why all holidays are my favorite time of the year – we get to be together and share unforgettable memories. I enjoy giving gifts and celebrating birthdays and such.


Another hobby of mine is cooking, so I do it quite often. Unfortunately, at the moment I don’t know many recipes, but I experiment a lot and hope to learn some more and come up with new ideas. Regarding sports, I’m not committed to any disciplines in particular, but I like to keep in shape by walking a lot, jogging sometimes. I believe I’m way happier when I exercise from time to time.


I’m very grateful to have been offered an opportunity to live abroad and have an unique experience. During my stay , I’d like to explore new places and see the differences between life in the States and in Poland. I can’t wait to get to know new people and form friendships. I’m also excited to see various museums there, since I think that art is very inspiring – I’m particularly fond of impressionist and expressionist art, but I’m eager to get to know other artistic movements.


I’m curious of what school and clubs are like in US high schools, because the system here is entirely different. I want to participate in school festivities, such as homecoming, prom and events like spirit week. And, of course, I just want to experience regular school life. Regarding my own culture, I’d love to share my native traditions, like “fat thursday” (day of eating sweets) or leaving one seat empty during Christmas, and recipes, eg. pierogi or yeast cake.

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