Max from Norway

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Max from Norway

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Soccer, Tennis, Weightlifting

About this Student


My name is Max, and I am very excited to go abroad for a year. I am half Norwegian and half Swedish, and have lived in Norway my whole life. One main reason for why I want to study abroad is because I love to travel and experience new things. I have been to many different countries in continents such as Europe, Africa and North America. I have also visited the US twice. Once in New York and once in Florida, and I loved it both times. I know that the states can be very different from each others so there aren’t any states that I wouldn’t want to end up in. Another reason is that I want to experience the differences between living in Europe and the US. It will probably be some culture shocks, but I think that it just adds to the experience.


I really enjoy playing sports and other physical activities such as working out. I mostly play soccer and different racket sports, but it would be cool to be able to try out something new such as boxing, golf or any other sports/activities. While I do like playing sports, I also like to play video games and board games. Some days I like to just relax and watch movies or play games.


For expectations I wish to be treated as any other family member. I do not want any special treatment nor to be left out of family experiences. I want to be helpful and help out with various chores around the house. I also don’t want to be unprioritized or treated unfairly. Other than that I hope you are open to learn a little about my culture and wanting to share some of your culture, hobbies and lifestyle with me. I hope you accept me and help me become accustomed to an American society and other problems that may arise.


I am very excited to see where I will end up and I hope to meet with you soon.

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