Tim from the Netherlands

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Tim from the Netherlands

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: BMX, Travel, Video Games

About this Student

Dear future host family,


My name is Tim. I live in a village in the Netherlands.

I am a sporty guy. Sport is therefore very important in my life. I like many different sports and definitely enjoy discovering and trying new ones. But my passion lies with BMX racing.

I have been BMX racing since I was 6 years old. I train on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. When I don’t have to go to my student job on Wednesdays, I also like to help training kids who have just started. I look forward to Saturday all week because then it is race day. It is in a different place every time, so I know almost all the BMX tracks in the Netherlands. A track is between 350 and 500 metres, so every lap is very explosive and because every track is different, every race is a challenge. Every club has its own club tent where everyone from the club gets together after his/her own race. This keeps the club feeling high and it is always fun there. But even with racers from other clubs, outside the races, it’s fun. Some of my best friends are also BMXers.

On Saturday evening, I often meet up with friends. Usually we meet at someone’s house, sometimes we go karting or play darts. On Sundays I work at McDonald’s, I have been working there for about 2 years now; I like it there. Working hard with great colleagues. From Monday to Friday, I go to school. I am now in my final year and have chosen the economics and society course track. My favourite subject is BSM (exercise, sport and society). When I’m not busy with sports, school or my student job, I like gaming and watching movies, action and comedy movies are my favorites. My parents describe me as a sociable, (sometimes a bit too) relaxed and with a good dose of humour.

I live at home with my two sisters, father and mother. With my youngest sister I fool around the most and, with my eldest sister I have most common ground when it comes to sports. My father always goes with me to my races and training sessions and my mother usually helps me with school or work. Sometimes I help her with cooking. I love macaroni and my mother’s nachos. We also have 2 pets. My sister’s hamsters called Banjer and Nibbit.

From school, I took part in a short exchange with several European countries and stayed with a family in Portugal. Still within Europe, but the lifestyles and culture are vastly different from back home. I already wanted to go to America but this really made it my dream.

I would love to live and and go to high school in the USA for a time of my life. I’m very curious about your culture, about how you live, what it’s like to go to a high school and find out if it’s really like we here in the Netherlands think it is and what I’ve seen of it on TV. Meeting new people, being a part of an American family, making new friendships, experiencing what it’s really like in America. I’m looking forward to it!

Thank you for considering me.

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