Selma from Denmark

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Selma from Denmark

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Painting, Cooking, Skiing, Piano

About this Student

Hello! I am so excited. My name is Selma, and I am a girl from Denmark in northwestern Europe.


My dream is to spend a year in America. I love America. I have been to New York three times, Boston one time, and I have lived in Chicago for three months and gone to high school there. (i loved the high school experience. I worked hard and got straight A’s!)


Now I want to visit the US for a whole year, so I can experience all the traditions such as Homecoming, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Superbowl, Independence Day, and Easter and Christmas, if you celebrate that (I love Christmas). I know there will be president election next year, and I am super exited to experience that as well.


In Denmark, I live with my mom, dad, and twin sister. I am a very family-oriented person. Sometimes, when I am around many people or people whom I don’t know, I can be a little shy. Yet when I get to know people, I open up. I am a very loyal person.


I am very studious, and I like school. (I prefer the American school system to the Danish.) I specifically like math and science. When I grow up, I want to study biology at Harvard or Cambridge and become a “penguinologist.” I love penguins, they are my great passion. I know the name of all the species in Latin. My English is not as good as my other subjects, but I want to improve.


I like to be creative. I have played the piano for more than ten years, and I love to paint and to do all kinds of art. If you don’t have a piano, don’t worry. I would like to experience something new, and I can live without a piano.


I like to cook and bake. If you want me to, I would love to cook you a European dinner. I can bring my pasta machine and make homemade spaghetti. I can also bake a Danish cake and tell you about Danish culture and traditions, and perhaps I can teach you a Danish card game or board game.


I also like to be outdoor. I like both the sea, the mountains, sun, and snow.


I love animals, but not very big and wild dogs. I once had a rabbit, but it became sick and died. I buried it in my garden.


I don’t do any kinds of sport for the time being, but I know that sport is very important in America, so if you do sport or watch sport, I would like to experience that.


In general, I like to experience new things and learn about other cultures as well as sharing my culture with others. I very much like to get to know you more.

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