Kerttu from Finland

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Kerttu from Finland

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Drawing, Painting, Piano, Clarinet, Running

About this Student

Hey! My name is Kerttu, and I’m a girl from Finland. My family consists mom, dad and two little sisters. My mom and dad are divorced. Me and my sisters live every other week at our dad’s and every other week at our mom’s. My mom has a partner who lives there too with his three sons. We also have a dog that lives at my mom’s.


I’m really kind and good at listening to others. If someone has a problem, I try to support and help them the way I can. People really feel like they can trust me enough to tell me even a little bit more personal and private things about themselves, and I always listen and don’t tell things forward. My friends have also said that I don’t judge that much, so they feel like they can tell me anything. Some people in my life also have said that I’m funny in my own way.


I’m really into doing arts, especially drawing. I went to an art school for nine years and I have been drawing on my free time since I was a kid. I have also been playing different instruments for years, and the last one that I played before guitting was clarinet. I played that for five years. I have never really been into sports but I would very much like to try something. I’m also open for trying other hobbies too.


I love doing makeup and trying new things with that. I think that makeup is also a form of art, and for me it’s relaxing and a way to show my creativity. Along with makeup, clothes and style are also a really big part of my identity.


I love watching horror movies, my favorite one is probably The Shining. Even tho my favorite movie genre is horror, I don’t really read horror books. I love reading and I mainly read romance novels. I read the most during summer at our summer cottage because we don’t have any electricity there. During the school year my free time goes mainly to homework and seeing friends.


I chose USA because like everyone else, I have also been watching a lot of shows and movies about American high schools and overall the life there. It seems so interesting and different than the life in Finland. I can’t wait to learn so much more new and meet new people. I’m so excited! I am really looking forward to my exchange year. 🙂

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