Lynn from Switzerland

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Lynn from Switzerland

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Skiing, Fitness, Gymnastics, Piano

About this Student

Greetings from Switzerland. My name is Lynn and I am thrilled at the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am super excited about the prospect of becoming a member of your family during my upcoming exchange year. The idea of living in a new country has always fascinated me. I have a flair for adventures and a suitcase packed with enthusiasm. My interest in participate in an adventure like this was reinforced by the wonderful stories my mother shared about her own exchange year. Hearing about her experiences has inspired me to join an exchange program. I chose the USA as my cultural exchange destination, because until know, my knowledge about America primarily came from movies. I was very curious to personally experience various aspects of the American life, including the dynamics of high school, the world of sports and the overall American way of living, as well as getting to know the American people.


To help you get to know me better, I would like to share more about myself. I am a happy and positive person. I describe myself as conscientious, always well organized, loyal, helpful and cooperative. I believe in putting my best effort into everything I do. I enjoy collaborating with others to achieve common goals. I am a very good listener and I always aim to be there for others, offering support whenever needed. I cherish my relationship with my family. Animals hold a special place in my heart. Our cat brings joy to our home.


I may come across as timid at first and I am keenly ware of my occasional lack of self-confidence. But I see this exchange year as a chance to grow and face challenges. I am eager to step out of my comfort zone, learn new things, meet new people and become more confident in myself.


My interests are diverse, going from winter activities like skiing to enjoying the sun and the beach in summer. I have been a member of a ski club for eight years. In summer I am a big fan of enjoying to explore the underwater world. Music is a very important part of my life. I enjoy dancing. When I need some time for myself, I listen to music. It helps me find a quiet space, recharge and gain new strength. In my free time I love to bake and cook. I would love to prepare some traditional Swiss dishes for you. Travelling is another love of mine. It gives me the opportunity to explore new places, meet people and experience different culture.


Lastly, spending quality time with friends is something I value greatly. Whether it’s exploring new places, sharing stories or simply enjoying each other. I believe that friendships are an essential part of live. I am looking forward to making new friends during my time with your family and creating meaningful connections that will last a lifetime,

I am very grateful for the opportunity you are giving me to join your family and I am excited about the adventures and experiences that awaits us. Thank you for for considering me as a member of your family I can’t wait to meet you!

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