Lara from Germany

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Lara from Germany

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Fall Semester

Interests: Tennis, Track, Cooking

About this Student

Hello! I’m Lara and I live in a flat with my parents and my little sister Emilia. I’m 15 years old and currently in 9th grade. Since I’m in 7th grade I have bilingual education, which means that I have Geography, History and Biology in Englisch and not in German. It really helps with learning Englisch! For the past two years I’ve been one of the best students in my year.


In my free time I like listening to music. Especially when it’s from SZA, Drake or The Weeknd. In Summer I’m looking forward to go to the Olivia Rodrigo and Tate McRae concert. I also play Tennis and go to athletics. I have tennis practice two times a week and athletics one time a week. But I also like hanging out with my friends. It’s fun every time whether we are staying at home or going out. When I’m with my friends I like going shopping, playing just dance or let’s sing and in summer I like going stand up paddling and going on walks. I also enjoy sleepovers. We watch movies or series and when it’s available Germanys next top model by Heidi Klum. My favorite movie is probably “Rush hour”.


Despite hanging out with my friends I also like spending time with my family. I enjoy playing board or card games. We also travel a lot I think my favorite vacation so far was our trip to Corsica and Italy. In winter we usually go skiing.When it comes to food I really like any kind of pasta or Schnitzel the most. My Grandmother is an Italian who now lives in Croatia. She had also owned her own restaurant so she taught me some pretty good recipes. I also like to cook and to bake it probably runs in my genes.


I’m a very open minded person that finds a lot of things interesting and is willing to try new stuff. That’s also a reason why I want to do my exchange year in the USA. I want to try new things and learn about American culture and lifestyle. Another thing about me is that I’m passionate about the things that I like and don’t give up. I get to know people quick and find friendships easily. I love being around people and find it very entertaining. But of course I also like me-time where I just concentrate on myself by for example reading a book or listening to music. I try to treat everyone with kindness and try to help where I can. Like helping a stranger to carry a stroller down the stairs. During my exchange year I’d like to experience American life. I want to do typical American activities, try American food, experience American high school and its activities like track or cheerleading. I also want to celebrate American holidays and explore American culture. I also hope that my Englisch will improve during my exchange year in the USA. But of course I also want to share something with you! I could for example teach you some German words or share German recipes and traditions. But of course it depends on what you find interesting about German lifestyle.


I’m very excited for my year abroad!

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