Juno from Germany

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Juno from Germany

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Golf, Field Hockey, Board Games, Cooking

About this Student



I hope this letter finds you well. My name is Juno, and I am thrilled at the prospect of joining your family for an upcoming stay abroad. I am excited to engage in a cultural exchange and sharing new experiences with your family.


One of my passions is for fieldhockey. Since I am 7 years old I am playing fieldhockey. I enjoy hockey especially because of it`s teamspirit with my buddies. I also enjoy playing golf, which I have started to play regularly since Covid. During the lock down, it was great to spend time in the nature and also spending time with the family and friends. I am excited about the possibility of sharing these interests with you and additionally, I am open to trying new activities and am enthusiastic about incorporating them into our shared experiences.


American songs and movies are also one of my favorite interests inspired from my dad. Since I am a young child, we always had to watch american movies in orginal tone, not to miss any meaning. I think here my interest has started for America. I am especially very curious about the american highschool life and the sport culture. I also want to experience and understand its traditions, and be part of the daily life that makes it special.


While I may not love doing household chores, I understand they’re necessary for a happy home. I’m more than willing to chip in and help out. I believe sharing these responsibilities will make our living situation more enjoyable for everyone. I do not like cleaning, but I compensate my household chores in cooking. My mother is cooking a lot of korean food at home and I do my own fusion creation or get inspired from the Internet. My family is crazy for food and the first greetings are always to ask what I have eaten and not how I am.


In general my family is having dinner alltogether and we discuss a lot about the happenings of the day. I think talking and understanding each other is really important. During our time together, I promise to join in on family talks and activities. Getting to know each other’s thoughts, beliefs, and values will definitely help us build a stronger relationship.


I look forward to not only broadening my horizons but also contributing to our time together. Whether it’s cooking together, attending cultural events, or simply sharing stories, I am excited about the possibilities that our time together holds.


I appreciate your consideration and am genuinely looking forward to the adventure that awaits us. If there are topics like expectations you have in mind, activities you would suggest please feel free to share them. I want to ensure that my presence in your home is positive and contributes to the overall joy of our shared experiences.


Thank you for opening your home to me, and I can’t wait to become a part of your family.

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