Cecilia from Switzerland (Fall Semester)

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Cecilia from Switzerland (Fall Semester)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Semester

Interests: Horseback Riding, Scouting, Church

About this Student


My name is Cecilia. I live in Switzerland in a house with a garden in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. I live with my family: my father, my mother, my little brother and my little sister. I get along better with my brother than with my sister, because we are closer in age. But both are really nice! We like to play board games together as a family. We also have a cat, so it doesn’t bother me if you have a pet. (I was scared of spiders, that’s much better now!). My cat’s name is Gaia and she’s red with white spots. She’s so cute! My mother is paediatrician and works half-time so she can take care of us. My father is a lawyer and is at home with us on Wednesdays.


I live in a small town next to a lake. My grandparents and both my aunts live close by. I like to go to school to see my friends and to learn new things. My favourite subjects are French and Sport. My best friend is my neighbour and we go to school by bike together. I know her since we were three years old. She loves horse riding like me. That’s my favourite hobby. I really love horses and everything about them. When I ride a horse, it feels like nothing else exists and that’s wonderful. I’m lucky to take lessons since one year in a beautiful ranch. Another hobby is long-distance running. I love just to run, alone or with somebody, it doesn’t matter. I have Track and Field training twice a week. Otherwise, I love to play the guitar. In my family, we all play an instrument. So, I can say that I am used to music. I listen to my favourite songs all the time. I also love to read books!


Every other Saturday, I have Scouts. Do you know what Scouts are? That’s a Christian organisation with different age groups in it. When we meet, we do some outside activities and then we have a quieter moment which is called “CDF”, in French that means “Cercle du Feu” or “circle of fire”. During that time, we talk about God and other serious things. That’s really cool. I have a lot of friends that I meet at the Scouts. Many of these go to the same church as me and my best friend. That’s cool because so sometimes I can see them twice a week. I try to go every Sunday to Church. There I’m in a Christian youth discussion group which is really interesting. My Church organizes events from time to time like a Christmas market or a small show or something to help people in need. That’s wonderful!


I want to go to the USA because I think that’s a beautiful country with so many differences than in Switzerland. I want to go abroad for six months because so I can have time to think about my future, to learn more about myself, to become less shy, to learn independence and many other things. English is one of the most spoken languages so it would be really useful to know how to speak English well. I’d also like to discover another culture and people and to get to know about the American way of life.


I am really looking forward to meeting you!

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