Foze from Saudi Arabia

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Foze from Saudi Arabia

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Tennis, Reading, Video Games, Science

About this Student



My name is Foze, I am a 15-year-old from Saudi Arabia. I come from a family of 4; My father, mother, older sister and I. I have a pet bird named Joony, he is a cockatiel! With that, he is a responsibility of mine. As he is basically my son, I change his food and water, clean his cage, shower him, etc. He is small, and cute and loves to sing! My family activities consist of inner-family meetings; my aunt, her children and our grandma always go out with us-restaurants, parks, arcades, or simply staying at either of our houses together!


My interests vary, as anyone else does. Currently, I am very into playing video games, watching Japanese animated shows, and reading Japanese comic books. I own a Nintendo Switch and love playing Mario Kart Deluxe 8 and Nintendo Switch Sports. I intend on bringing it with me to America as well! I’m also quite into music, not too much but I enjoy listening to different genres while working.


I have a lot of friends- both online and in real life. With my online friends, we usually Facetime and play multiplayer online video games such as Roblox or simply chat our heads off. I usually do this with Joud, my best friend! With my school friends, we do a lot of group activities at school and go out together to cafes, malls, avenues, cinemas- everything that friends do together.


If I could describe my city, I would imagine a once small walled city, consisting of mud-brick houses and desert roads, that is now an urban dynamic metropolis. Although it is very modern, you can still see how it keeps tradition and heritage alive.


I like to believe that my future will put itself together as life moves on, no matter my choices. Though if I were to choose, I’d like to do something involving Biology as it is my favourite subject. I want to preserve nature and attempt to bring back the Earth’s state before pollution and climate change. If not possible, then I want to major in something focusing on plants such as botany.


I want you, my future host family, to know that I am trustworthy and reliable. If I will have host siblings, I will treat them as my own. I do not want you to worry too much about me, I trust and believe in myself to adapt to my new environment and life. I will try my best to live the happiest year of my life and enjoy it as much as possible!


I hope to learn acceptance of foreign ideals and cultures and self-discipline in my exchange year. With nearly 8 billion people on our planet, not one person is the exact copy of another. Everyone is different, all our cultures and languages are different, and yet we find similarities in each other. I believe that is the most beautiful thing to exist in our world.

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