Emily from Italy

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Emily from Italy

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Ice Skating, Badminton, Horses

About this Student

Hello! I’m Emily. I’m a cheerful girl, I have pretty, medium-length brown hair and I have green eyes.


I like to talk about everything with everyone, I’m always smiling because I think it makes people feel good. I have many hobbies, I like to watch films, especially Disney films, and TV series alone but also with my friends, my boyfriend and my family. I don’t have a favorite film because I like all genres. I really like to take care of my nails with nail art, usually fot the holidays or for my birthday and I have many colors to practice this. I love wearing make up and doing my skincare every day. I like to do that on my own or with my friends. I like drawing but now I don’t practice this very much. I don’t think I’m very good at it but I love it. I think I’m a creative person.


I like traveling very much. When I was a child I travelled with my parents to London and Paris, I went to the London Eye and to Disneyland Paris, it was a dream. I visited many places in Italy for example Verona, Florence, Venice, Naples, Matera, Bari, Genova ect… Well I love travelling and I would like to travel with you so I will know you and you beautiful country.


I want to improve my English and I know this trip could help me, because it’s important for my future and my future job.


I really like to know the traditions of the USA for exemple Thanksgiving, which doesn’t exist here in Italy. I would really like to be able to participate and see the holidays and how they are celebrated differently than we do in Italy, such as Christmas and Halloween. In American movies these festivals are celebrated in a much bigger and more beautiful way. I would like to attend the prom experience; it’s magic that everyone always talks about it, if it will be possible.


When I finish high school I want to go to university and maybe study Law or Psychology. I’m not really sure, but I will decide later.

Now I’m studying economics and social human sciences and I really like the subjects, especially Law.


I have three best friends. Alaa, who is Moroccan, is the best person in the world. During my childhood, I hoped to find someone like her when I grew up. Isabella is the second one. She is also preparing to go on this trip, like me. The third one is Nigerian and her name is Jennifer. I have known her since when I was little because we went to the same elementary school but in the second year she moved to England and came back during middle school. I have a boyfriend, his name is Federico, he’s beautiful and very kind.


I wish to make many new friends in the US because I like to know new people.


I can’t wait to meet you!

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