Karl from Germany

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Karl from Germany

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Basketball, Soccer, Piano

About this Student

Hello! My Name is Karl, and I live in Germany. I have two siblings, a little brother and a big sister. My Dad is from Cameroon and my mom is from Germany. Throughout my life my family moved pretty often so I can make new friends really fast. I was born in Muenster, then I moved to the capital of Germany, Berlin. After that I moved to Goettingen, a little town in lower saxony and my final destination, the place where I live now.


You´re probably wondering how I got the idea of doing an exchange year. It was actually a friend of mine who told me about the possibility to spend a whole year in the USA. I was interested so I called STS and they told me about the experiences that I would make. I was very impressed and intrigued about the American highschool experience, as well as getting to know the people and culture. Obviously I´m a little bit scared because i´m leaving my family for a year. But I’m willing to take a risk, as in my last summer vacation, my family and I actually did a Roadtrip across California and I loved it!


Now let’s talk about my hobbies and interests. I love Basketball and I’ve been playing it since 2019. Obviously I would be thrilled to become an even better player in my exchange year. It doesn’t have to be on a school team though, I´m even happy just playing basketball on the street as I know that some of these school teams are really advanced.


I have a long history with the piano too. When I was younger my father wanted to teach me to play the piano but as a young kid I was not interested at all. Surprisingly a year ago I got back into it and realised the beauty behind it so I started playing again and got pretty good. I know that some schools even have school orchestras and I would be happy to play at school. But even if I could not play during my exchange year I would still be grateful and happy to maybe try something completely different instead.


Sometimes I play games on my computer but I would not call it a passion of mine. I just like playing, to spend time with friends. Working out and staying active is very important to me too. I go to the Gym about three times a week and have been going for the past 6 months.


I would call myself an open and curious person, that’s why I enjoy to try out new things and to meet new people. I always want to challenge myself and I’m keen on friendly competitions.


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