Ida from Germany

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Ida from Germany

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Horseback Riding, Reading

About this Student

Hello! My Name is Ida. Me and my family live in Germany, I dont have any siblings, so its just me, my mom and my dad. My mom has her own hair stylist company with three employees and my dad is a CEO of a Car audio Company.


I’m a girl who loves to be surrounded by people. I like to go shopping, go to the cinema and I absolutly love Sushi. The day begins at 6 am, school starts at 7:50 am and ends at 1 pm sometimes I have school until 3:20 pm. I actullay like school because i have all of my friends there and its always fun, i like most of my teachers. My favorit classes are spanish and math and I also like english. After school I meet my best friend and we grab some food and talk about our day, then we drive home together and do our homework. Three times a week I go to my moms Salon and work there for 2,5 hours. At home I have two rabbits, they are black and 3 years old, since my 3rd birthday we have rabbits, my dad alos loves them so much. Sometimes they are outside in the backyard. I love to play with them, but they dont like to be cuddelt, then they run away and lay down to relax.


When i’m not at work sometimes I take a nap after school. At dinner we always sit together and talk about the day and what we did and what we will do the next days, what happened at school or will we have test or something else. At the weekends me and my parents like to go to the zoo or park we just like to be outside and spend time together. Sometimes my best friend and I go to a cafe and drink a coffe and have a great time.


My hobbys was horse riding but I stopped doing it because of school, but i’m very interested in starting it again. I like to clean up my room because I dont like it when its untidy. Sometimes when its not the best weather outside I like to read a book or listen to some music. I grew up with my cousins and with the Kids from our neighbours, so it would make me happy to have Kids around.


To go to the USA is a dream since 2018, that was my first time, we visit friends from my mum and i thought the country is so big and interesting, the people, the other culture, to learn the language so easy. The school, the other classes, the schoolsports. I like it to see how proud you are about your city, your country. I’m so interested in life, maybe you have a dog, a cat or other animals, i’ll love them. Maybe i can bring some germany to you, my favorite food/meal oder games we play, i can bake cookies or cake. So, thats me and i’ll be happy to get to know you.

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