Viljami from Switzerland

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Viljami from Switzerland

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Badminton, Tennis, Bike Riding, Hiking

About this Student

Hello! I’m Viljami. I was born in Finland. When I was a child, I lived in a small town in Finland. When I was 7, my family moved to Switzerland. A little bit about my family, my mom is from Chile and my dad is from Finland. I have never lived in Chile, although I have been there several times visiting my grandparents. I have a younger brother who is 14y old. I get along well with him; we play videogames together or discuss music.


Arriving in Switzerland I couldn’t really speak German. I then learned to speak German, made some friends too. I went to school in a village for 6 years. I really enjoyed those 6 years, the school was close, so I could go home on lunchtime, and my friends lived nearby too.


Later I started going to a bigger school in a big city of Switzerland. It was quite a big change; I go to school every day by train and eat lunch away from home. Luckily, some of my friends also started going to the same school and we were in the same class. I got to know the new classmates too and became very good friends with them. In the 3rd year there was a change in the classes, and I got new classmates. I’ve gotten to know them well now and enjoy their company.


I live in the German speaking part of Switzerland. I’m in 9th grade. Some of my interests are sports, I used to be in a football/soccer team, and I like to ski. I usually ski with my dad and sometimes with friends. I have gotten to know a lot of new places skiing. In the summer I go mountain biking. It’s kind of the only biking that’s possible in Switzerland, which is convenient. At the time of writing this I’m beginning to skateboard. I also like to play videogames, usually with my friends. Sometimes I start little projects, where I build something. I like these projects because I learn something new and have a finished product in the end of which I can be proud. I also do digital design, because I wanted to create some T-shirt designs. I have also been part of the Scouts in Switzerland. I had the chance to know new places in Switzerland and attend a Scout camp that lasted for 2 weeks. My multicultural background has helped me a lot in languages. I speak Finnish, Spanish, German and English fluently. At school I’m learning French and at home I’m learning Swedish.


An exchange year is a big step and an even bigger opportunity, which is why I want to experience it. A year in the US would widen my view of the world and let me improve my English pronunciation. I would get to meet many people and get to be part of an American family. It would also be good chance to grow as a person, since a completely new country, culture and family helps me to adapt and learn. But an exchange year is not just about receiving. I want to show my culture, or better said cultures to anyone who wants to get to know me.

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