Franziska from Germany

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Franziska from Germany

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Fall Semester

Interests: Flute, Singing, Piano

About this Student


First some basic information about me so my name is Franzi. I live in a village in Bavaria. At home I live with my mom, my dad, my two sisters, my grandmother, my grandfather and our dog called flaks. So I’m used to having a lot of people around me and it never gets boring at home.


It only takes me twenty minutes to get to my school by bus, I’m currently in the tenth grade there and when I’m not going to school I really enjoy doing things with my friends in the afternoon. I’m also in the school band and the choir because I love making music, so of course I play instruments, I play flute and piano. Other hobbies of mine include cooking and baking, but my favorite activity is skiing, which I also teach to younger children. That’s all about me.


You may be wondering why I want to do a semester abroad in the USA of all places. One reason for this is your culture and the diversity of the USA, but above all I have always wanted to go to a high school because the school in your country is very different than the school here in Germany. But I would also like to meet new friends, be it at school or at activities, but I am particularly looking forward to getting to know another family and being involved in the everyday life of a typical family there. But of course I also want to bring you my culture closer, because we in Bavaria actually have a very different culture than some other federal states in Germany. In order to bring you a little closer to Bavaria, I would love to cook something typically Bavarian for you. I hope that you got to know me and my personality a little better through this short letter and that you might take me in.


I’m really looking forward to my time in the USA and the many special memories I’ll collect.


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