Milan from Switzerland

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Milan from Switzerland

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Soccer, Weightlifting, Family Activities

About this Student

Hello! My name is Milan. I am open, talkative and I like to meet new people. I am passionate about soccer, I played soccer in the club for about 12 years until recently but then had to stop because it didn’t fit because of school. I also like to go to the gym since summer 2023. I live together with my mother and sister in a city in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. I also have 2 older half-brothers, but I don’t have much contact with them.


What I like about my friends is that they are always open to new things and that you can have deep conversations with them but also have a lot of fun. I like to go out at weekends and do fun things with my friends. I like going to concerts with my friends, like the recent one I went to by the rapper 21 savage. We also went to the openair festival called Frauenfeld, which is the biggest openair in whole Europe. In my free time, because I live in Switzerland, I have to study a lot for school and I rarely play video games.


I would like to go on an exchange year because it is a childhood dream of mine to live in the USA and I want to get to know the American culture better. Of course I would also like to improve my English a bit. I am looking forward to living with a host family because it will give me an insight into your everyday life and I will also gain new perspectives, make new friends and learn to adapt. I’m also looking forward to high school because high school is completely different here in Switzerland. At the moment I am attending a computer science school, so I would probably like to do something in this direction in the future and maybe even study at a university. I would be very happy to live in a warm area because I love warm weather. I would be very happy if you show me your country and I look forward to getting to know you. I would also like to show you my culture and tell you about my home country. What Switzerland is famous for and what I like and don’t like here. I would bring you chocolate so that you can see how good real chocolate is lol 🙂 I would also show you, if you want, what my favorite Swiss meals are and how to prepare them. I would be very happy if you would give me the chance for my exchange with your family. See you soon.

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