Chiara from Italy

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Chiara from Italy

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Theater, Card Games, Reading, Skating

About this Student

Hi! I am Chiara, I’m sixteen and I come from Italy. Currently I attend the 11th grade of high school. In Italy there are different types of high school and I chose this one with this specific course because I could study psychology and do a lot of projects.


Other than school, drama is absolutely the thing I love doing the most because you get to expose and challenge yourself through your work. You experience your emotions and learn how to handle them with other people. My other hobby is writing. I think it allows you to express your thoughts when you don’t have the right words to say them out loud. I like writing stories, personal experiences, articles, argumentative texts for debates and letters. These two activities are pretty much connected to one another, sometimes you can combine them together and you will have a script.


I am hardworking, ambitious and I have a good attitude, which allows me to never give up and try every time. I have a deep connection with studying because I would like to become an independent and successful woman one day. I had a mental and emotional growth during the four years I’ve lived abroad. My dad is an air force military pilot and so we had to move to Germany. I went to an international Anglo-Saxon school in the Netherlands because I lived near the border. It was my ideal type of school: teachers were always so nice, helpful and encouraging. I learned English and I settled in very fast and well. I made friends from all over the world: this changed my way of seeing things, it really blew my mind. I tested myself to the limits, I did cooking club, knitting club and during my physical education lesson I practiced many sports. Steam though, was one of my favorite subjects: I made my first animation with legos; I created a cooking site with google site with lots of recipes but I never published it because it was for educational purposes; I built a marble flowing track to study the theories of levers and kinetic energy. I also travelled a lot with my family: we visited Prague, Paris, London, Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna.


This journey inspired me to learn more about the Anglo-Saxon world. I spent a lot of time with English, Canadian and American people and so I would really like to see what living in their countries looks like. I really want to completely dive into these traditions and lifestyles. I really hope to become part of the new family. I don’t have specific dislikes, I love animals, I don’t have any food allergies or intolerance at least for now. The only thing I really would like is feeling welcomed. I will of course keep my good behavior and show respect to the new family. My goal is to graduate abroad so in future I can attend English or American universities and work abroad. My dream is to get a degree in literature or psychology and become a successful actress at the same time. This is my story, I hope you’ll like it and that you fully understand the true reasons that bring me to this choice.

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