Emma from Norway

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Emma from Norway

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Singing, Running

About this Student

Hi! I’m Emma, and I’m looking forward to stay with you for my exchange year. To me,  this is a dream come true! Ever since I was a little girl ive been dreaming about doing an exchange year abroad. During covid-19 lockdown, it seemed impossible to travel and explore the world. Now, the “back to normal” situation is more than good to me – this is amazing and I can hardly wait until August!


I’ve grown up in a big family with a mother, a father and my four siblings. Our house has always been social and busy, meaning people come and go. I’m very social and love to be around and get to know many new people. When I’m not in school I like to listen to music, my favourite artist is Rihanna, ms. Lauryn Hill, Coldplay and the Norwegian artist Ramon. Last summer I went to a Coldplay concert in Sweden, that was awesome and a gig I had been excited about since I opened my Christmas gift from my parents. I visited Café Wha at Manhattan a few years ago, I was not prepared about the concept however my mom insisted that we had to make a visit. That was a big surprise and turned out to be the most fun night in New York during our visit! Sometimes we get really nice surprises 😊 Hopefully I will be able to attend a concert or two during my exchange year.


Outside school I like to spend my time being active, it could be everything from trips and skiing to go on a shopping trip and cafe visits with my friends. As a Norwegian, the quote tells that I am “born with skies on” and actually I started skiing at the age of two years old. Both cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. I prefer to go downhill skiing as this allows a higher speed!  My plan this week is to go downhill skiing in the olympic slopes at Lillehammer! After skiing, I know that my grandmother has prepared hot chocolate next to the fireplace. Can’t wait!


During summer I love to go to the beach for tanning, swimming and playing with my younger sisters and brother, and friends. Even if I live up north, the sea temperature in the fjords get at least 20 degrees Celsius. That is really nice.


When I was younger I had several after school activities like playing handball, I took dancing lessons and even trained gymnastics. I have been babysitting my younger brother and sisters, walking our neighbor dog and singing in several choirs. Nowadays, time is allocated to school, friends and part-time work at a bakery.


My school is placed in downtown, meaning I have to travel by train and tram to get to my school. My favorite subjects in school are P.E and Social Studies, in addition to language lessons like English and Spanish. My plan is to cover the required subjects while I am on exchange, meaning I will able to catch up with my class on my return to Norway and finalize the Norwegian graduation of 13 years education. (allowing me to apply for university)

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