Palma from Spain

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Palma from Spain

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Church, Rollerskating, Cooking, Painting, Drawing

About this Student

Hello! My name is Palma, and I would absolutely love to form part of your family during my exchange year. I live in a town next to the city. It is full of trees and parks. It also has a lot of young people, many schools, restaurants and most of the houses are in condominiums. I love living here. My house is very near my school, so I walk everyday to get there. I have been in my school my entire life, since kinder garden. Most of the friends I have are because of school. I am very organized and studious. I get good grades in school and have a great relationship with both my classmates and teachers. I live with my parents, my siblings, my dog and two temporary foster sisters from Chad. These two girls are preparing to go to the Olympics Games in my sister’s artistic gymnastic club.


Certainly, the thing I enjoy the most is spending time with my family. I get along so great witch both of my siblings, my youngest sister and my oldest brother. Whenever we have the opportunity we make plans together, such as going to restaurants or cooking something ourselves. Specially with my brother, we love to cook together! My sister and I are only one year apart so we spend a lot of time together either doing skincare, taking care of our hair or chating. I also help her with her homework whenever she needs it.


I love my family. I come from a very close and extended family. I have 13 cousins, we go on vacation together to the beach every summer, it is a great family time. I love to be with each one of them, we all make plans together. I spend time specially with one of my cousins because we are almost the same age, so we usually are together. I absolutely love to take care, play and spend time with little kids.


I consider myself a sociable person. I love meeting people, making new friends and hanging out with them. I could say that I am a prudent, empathic, happy and outgoing person.


Another important thing about myself is religion, I am catholic. I go to the church every Sunday with my family, it’s a time that means a lot to me. Apart from that, I also participate in church activities with my friends every two weeks. Mostly we have speeches and talk about them afterwards, we also do community service, but without any doubt my favorite things are the trips in which I have a lot of fun. I love to form part of this community.


Apart from the sports I practice as roller skating or skiing. I love drawing, cooking, watching tv shows and shopping, I really enjoy doing all these activities. When I have free time I build Legos, I share this interest my father and my brother.


I am really willing to meet you, I am super excited to show you things about my country and cook for you typical foods from here. I would really love to know more about your culture and built a great relationship with all the members of your family.

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