Emmi from Sweden

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Emmi from Sweden

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Trumpet, Choir, Theater

About this Student

Hello! My name is Emmi and I am very excited to come to the USA and live with you for a whole year. I have always been fascinated by the country, I want to try the food and all candy, get to know American people in real life. Do kids sing in school like in High School musical? Can I live in the American dream?


I grew up in Sweden and I still live here. I love the city I live in so much and I think that it is the best city in Sweden if i’m being honest. The kids on my street are really  nice too. We basically grew up together because our parents decided to move to the same street, good choice. They have been friends since college. I like my city and I love to take the bus to the mall.


In my class I have some really great friends. We have a lot of math, chemistry and biology classes but also music lessons like ensemble and choir. Even though the science classes are very difficult, I think it’s worth it in the end because I will be able to get a better job with a higher education. And also I get to play a lot of music in school. My best memory is the final concert in grade 9 where my friend and I sang “a million dreams” from the greatest showman in front of maybe 500 people. I was super nervous but afterwards I was so proud of myself and I’m happy that I did it.


When I’m not in school or doing something else I like to hang out with my friends. We do all kinds of different stuff together like making matching hoodies or cooking at someone’s house. Also we talk a lot. But sometimes I just wanna be alone and watch a movie with a cup of tea and just relax. I also play the trumpet so that I can go to the  wind instrument camp with my sister, brother and cousin.


I live with my mom Maria, my dad Zoltan, big sister Amanda, little brother Alfred. We also have a dog named Mattis and he is so cute. I love dogs big time or animals in general but there’s something special about dogs. My dad is from Hungary so occasionally we travel there and meet relatives and just enjoy the time we spend there. Every year my family and I go skiing. I can ski and snowboard a little bit and I like the cozy houses we stay in. In the summer I love to go swimming but I prefer lakes instead of the sea. My family and I like to do stuff together like go to the movies and stuff like that.


I think that I will have a great time with you!:)

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