Cybelle from Tunisia

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Cybelle from Tunisia

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Badminton, Scouts, Cooking, Reading, Running

About this Student

Hello! My name is Cybelle, am 15 years old, in 10th grade, and come from a family of 3 children. Growing up I was taught to value family, as it is an important part of my life, as well as that blood doesn’t necessarily limit who your family is. My father is a dentist, while my mother is a teacher. Both my sisters are older than me, one of them already having started her university studies, and the other being in her senior year. As a family, we don’t usually enough time to participate in activities together other than our occasional game nights. Nevertheless, I engage in different activities with them. For example, shopping with my mom, traveling different cities with my dad, watching movies with my eldest sister, and finally cooking with my older sister.


As the youngest member of my family, I bare some responsibilities at hand. I have specific chores to do, like the laundry, ironing clothes, helping my mother cook and of course in the weekly house cleaning. My job as daughter and sister isn’t done here, I have to help my family in different other ways.


Moving on, I’d say that my interests are few. I love reading, it takes up most of my free time. I feel like I can imagine a different world while reading, making me forget about life for the time being. In addition, I have a passion for cooking and baking. It’s an amazing experience, that allows me to create something out of nothing, and eases my worries whenever I feel stressed. Moreover, I would like to talk about the people that are always there for me, and have fun with, my friends. I have a lot of friends in and out of school. However, not all of them are as dear as my friends in class which I have mostly grown up with. Hanging out with one another at our homes or malls is something that I enjoy. We go shopping together, carting. My city is the most beautiful city ever in my opinion. It’s the city of life, where everyone has fun and can have access to whatever they want. It still stands strong even after all the cruel things that were done to it. I am fascinated by my amazing city, and the power it holds over my heart.


As much as I love my city, my plans for my future don’t include it. I haven’t 100% chosen my major yet, but it is in my interests to study abroad something concerning biology like med school. As it is, one of my goals in life is to explore the world, and we all got to start somewhere.


Furthermore, I would like to describe myself to you as responsible, caring, curious, adventurous and outgoing. Lastly and most importantly, I am writing this letter to tell you about my goals set to be gained from the exchange program, which are to improve my English, get to know people and new cultures, and challenge myself. I hope to meet all my goals and get the opportunity to experience this amazing once in a lifetime chance.

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