Milena from Armenia

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Milena from Armenia

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Community Service, Dance, Fitness, Volleyball

About this Student

Hello! I am Milena from Armenia. I am 17 years old and I study in the 11th grade. I am going to continue my higher education at the university, study at the faculty of international relations and become a diplomat. I love my country and cultural values very much and this experience will give an opportunity to talk about them and present Armenia in the international arena. For university, I attend extracurricular classes of Armenian language and Armenian history.


I have many hobbies, which are reading books, volunteering, walking, crochet, working out and attending new groups. I like reading detective genre books, because all the time I am thinking and using my logic.Volunteering is a kind of pleasure for me. When I do a good thing without pay, I feel better. For example, I shared my knowledge about formal and informal education with the children of one of the villages in Armenia. Attending new groups give me new friends and new knowledge. Recently, thanks to it I have developed my self-awareness. I especially like group work. Crochet helps me calm down and develop my creative mind. I crochet different characters, I promise to do something Armenian national for you and bring it with me.


My village is located in the west of Armenia, it is relatively developed compared to the neighboring villages. The most delicious apricots, watermelons and grapes of the region grow in our village, we grow them in the fields. Here I live with my parents, grandparents and siblings. My family always supports me and does the best for me so I don’t miss any opportunity that will help me to develop. For example, thanks to my mother, I am flexible and I can cope with everything, I know how to do nails, how to cut and braid hair, we cook all kinds of food together in the kitchen. In America I’ll cook all Armenian dishes for you. I love Armenian cuisine and I also like to try new foods, so I’m sure that American cuisine is also delicious. With my family, we like to celebrate all national holidays, go on picnics, play games and receive guests. At home my responsibilities are to clean my room, take care of the cleanliness of the house, help to set the table,help to pick fruit in the summer.


I have many friends at school and also from other villages, I love my friends very much, with them I am open and I like to have adventures together.With my friends from the yard we gather almost every day in the summer to play ball games and work out. I am sure that we will be a good family. I appreciate and value kindness, honesty, respect and responsibility and I think that thanks to this we will be able to solve any problem by talking and understanding each other. I will be very happy to spend a lot of time with you and share your joys and worries. We will create a strong bond together, which will be possible thanks to your hospitality.

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