Nicolas from Chile

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Nicolas from Chile

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Soccer, Guitar, Drums

About this Student

Hello! I’m Nicolas. I’m extroverted and introverted sometimes, i can talk and talk and i can be quiet, i play futbal as goalkeeper, i like to do that and i do it almost always when my friends call me to go to play, i play it in school too but now i’m in vacations. i play guitar too, i can be playing and practicing for hours, sometimes until my fingers hurt, i like music: create and listen to, I play the drums too, not too often like guitar, but i’m a decent player. I like to hang out with friends, speak with them, play videogames with them or walk by the streets. I play videogames too but not too much, when a videogame get me, i just play that game until i get bored of it and don’t play videogames for a while. My favorite videogames are grand theft auto: san andreas and red dead redemption 2, i have them on my pc. I like gta san andreas because i can modificate it with mods and that’s funny.


I am very social with my classmates, i can speak with all of them. My favorite subject is chemistry because i have a fascination with this area, i like to learn things of my interest and this is one of them. My other favorite subject is philosophy, i like to present my points of view instead of mark an alternative. I usually don’t study too much in my house because i keep with what was told in the class, but when something gets hard for me, i study with friends or alone.


I will do my best in this program to learn english and speak it fluid. In the future i want to study civil engineering in mines because it’s interesting to me and i like it. I wanna learn english, i want to meet new people and discover their culture, i like changes and this will be a big one. In academic objectives i want to be as good as i’m now or even better, expand my knowledge and, mostly, speak english like a native, i have a big motivation and i’m happy to have this opportunity.


As i said, i want to expand my knowledge, i will know their culture, how they are, they thoughts, their gastronomy and if they are like in the movies, i wanna learn their culture.


I will also expand my social abilities, i will talk to my classmates and with my host family and i’ll make friends.

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