Lavina from the Netherlands

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Lavina from the Netherlands

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Cooking, Board Games, Photography, Theater

About this Student

Hello! My name is Lavina. I live in the Netherlands, the best tulip growing, windmill building, liquorice eating and bicycle riding country. My household consists of both my parents, elder brother and a dog.


I describe my personality as social, caring, open minded, creative and adaptive. I’m also a pretty tidy person as I can’t stand it when my room is all cluttered up, but It can get a little messy when I got tests coming up and I’m focusing on my studies. I really love going to different places, meeting new people and learning more about their culture and customs. Someday I want to have travelled to most countries in the world. Up until now I visited various countries within Europe and some outside Europe, although I have never been to the USA before. Thus I’m very excited to visit the USA for one year!


Playing with and taking care of my dog Scott is something I love to do, I’m an animal lover. I have had all kinds of pets in my live. I’m also a very outgoing person and I love hanging out with my friends and family. Especially on the weekends where I play boardgames with my neighbours or do various  kinds of activities with my friends like bowling. My relationship with my parents and family is also very good. I talk a lot with my parents about all kinds of topics, it is also really common for us to discuss our issues with each other. When I’ve got some time on my own I usually draw, play some videogames or go to the gym. Baking cakes is also something I like to do and sometimes I cook for my family. During holidays I love to do some karting or go on the fun tube behind the speedboat.


My favourite subject in school in biology. Humans and nature are very interesting to me. One of my future goals would be studying to become a midwife and hopefully later become a doctor.


Why I want to go to the USA? The USA has always been very interesting to me, because of the way you see it on social media and in movies. In the USA you have much more of a school spirit. There are all kinds of activities to chose from like football and cheerleading. You even have a school mascot. Which makes school way more fun in my opinion. We don’t have that in the Netherlands, even big events like homecoming and prom are not a thing here. I am very excited to see what it is like and experience all of that for the first time.


I would be grateful if you give me the opportunity to get to know you all and be a part of your family. Let’s make this an unforgettable year.

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