Joel from Chile

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Joel from Chile

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Semester

Interests: Cooking, Fitness, LEGOs, Videogames

About this Student

HI! I am Joel. i like to discribe my self like a very social person that like to make new friends and very talkative but at the same time vere introverted and solitary person. one of my main hobbys is go to the gym i go to the gym almost every day and i could say that is my “safe place”, i got to the gym when i feel sad, when im happy, when im stressed the gym to me is like my therapy, another hobby that i got is playing video games, when im not in the gym im in my home playing video games i dont like to go out to partys or thing like that because i just dont fit its not my atmosphere. Another hobby that i got is building legos i really like bulding legos i just dont do it that much because its to expensive but when i do it i relly enjoy it some time when im with my dad i do it while im talking to him and i really really enjoy it.


im get along pretty good with my classmates and profesor, in my class i have like 3 friends and thats it, my favorite subjects are chemestry and biology because i really like the labs that we do in class and the calculacion that we do on the labs i really like mixing the chemicals and all that like boiling and formulas, i dont really like studing cause i really dont need to study but when i do i just throw some music and study by reading my books and looking for more informacion in internet, when i like the thing that im studying i study for hours non stop, in the future i really got nothing sure but i want to be a Pharmaceutical chemist, i want to study in the best university in my country or in other country like the U.S.


one of my main objectives is to learn the lenguage and speak it fluently and write it to, another goal that i put to myself is to get good grade and put the best of myself. thats with the academic but in the social is to meet new people and be really talkative with everyone to make new friends and learn new things. and in the cultural term i just want to learn all the culture of the place and live like a real resident just live my life like a resident thats my main main goal


my favorite foods are deserts like waffles and i know how to make those but i like to have some company when i cook, one of my favorite dishes is lasagna in that case i dont know how to make it but i can learn

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