Camille from France

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Camille from France

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Rugby, Athletics, Reading, Tennis

About this Student

Hello! My name is Camille. I am 15. I would say that one can rely on me. I am helpful if one needs help or support. I listen to others when they have problems. At school, girls like sharing their troubles with me because I am attentive. I don’t like causing anybody grief.


I get on well with my parents, with my sisters. And it is a challenge to get on well with my younger sister because she has a tough character. At the moment, as I am a teenager, it is sometimes tense with my dad. He demands too much from me. But as I am “easy”, I don’t care and everything is fine at home. Same with my friends. I have good friends and I get on well with everybody in my class, because I am relaxed.


I mentioned above that I am attentive. I am attentive to my friends but I am also attentive to adults’ advices. My younger sister never listens to my parents. She needs to do her own experience. I prefer to listen to them. I think that thanks to their experience, they can make me save time, effort, bad experiences.


My favorite hobby is rugby. I have been practicing for 10 years. I play on Monday, on Wednesday, on Friday and on Saturday, I have a competition. I love this sport. I have attended several competitions during the World Championships earlier in September/October and the atmosphere is great. No fight, no lack of respect (in and out of the stadium). I also can play tennis. My dad, mum and sister are tennis players. Sometimes, we play all together for “family doubles”. I am good at net. My mum often repeats that I play like MacEnroe (her idole). Usually, I am in team with my dad. Men agains females. Sometimes we win. Sometimes we lose. We have fun. And since I have been a teenager, I like going out with my friends in the area.


I am very excited to spend one year abroad. Above all, I want to speak English fluently because I am aware it is a MUST HAVE for my future professional life. I don’t know if I will work abroad later, but in case, I want to know what it is to live outside my native country.


Staying with an new family would allow me to meet new people. And I like meeting new people. I like extending my relationships. I am very openminded, very curious about others. I like sharing my points of view also. I would be please to share my experience, my life in France. We could compare our way of life. I am not a good cooker. But I think I can sometimes cook French food for my family.


What is important for me ? Have fun ! Do things which are pleasant. Make new experiences. Live in peace with others. Do my best to reach a goal.

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