Anatole from France

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Anatole from France

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Soccer, Track and Field, Skiing

About this Student

Hello! My name is Anatole and I’m 15. I’m in high school in the north of France.


My high school is one of the prestigious high school of my region, and I’m a sophmore. At school there is a team of indoor soccer, and I’m a part of It. So I can say that I’m a sportive student, I like sports and play with my friend at any types of sports games. I was also member of an athletics team, and I’ve been part of an indoor soccer team during almost 10 years. I like also to experiment new sport like I did last summer doing Kitesurfing for the first time.


The second thing to know about me is that I like playing videogames at home with my cousins or with my sisters, or with my friends online. (maybe a consequence of the covid period): I play at Rocket League, it’s a game where you control a car and you play soccer with it (very skilful game) ; Fortnite, it’s a battle royal, you spawn at 100 in a big map and you have to be the last one standing at the end.


I like animals, dogs, cats , or any animals of farm I have one dog, Happy, and two cats Mini and Sushi, I had 2 more cats in the past, one who died the last year, Moon, and one died when I was young, Chaussette, I didn’t love her so much because she was aggressive. And during 7 years, my sister had a bunny and she died also last year. The one I was the most sad it was for Moon, she left us last year. So I’m sensitive about the animals or persons I love.


I’m very curious and very interest about my environment, actuality or else. I like watching documentaries about modern history (WW1, WW2)

I’m very close to my family, I have two sisters. I see my grandmother and my grandfather, in my mother’s side, every Wednesday lunch and the Friday. In my father’s side I see my grandparents less because they leave at 1 hour from our place. I can go alone to my mother’s parents house alone because I have an AMI (it’s a no license car) to drive. It’s very cool to have it because it improve my autonomy and my liberty, as well as my responsibility.


In addition to my high school program, I’m following the dual diploma program, in order to obtain the US high school diploma, for the moment my level in this program is A. Maybe one day, I‘ll be able to follow my higher studies in the United States. At this time my dream would be to learn engineering at the MIT.


About my exchange in your country, I would like to experiment with your family: I’d love to discover the routine you have, great moments of conviviality, the possibility to enjoy a new culture within a family, with children could be very great. I want to be able make my own opinion about the country I will experiment from inside for some months, is it really like what we can see on movies or series, not from the point of view of tourism, but by living inside the country. For example how school is managed, timetable, subjects of courses, sports education,… is the system so different from the French one ?

I hope to be able to enjoy some great experiences with you.

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