Elif from Turkey

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Elif from Turkey

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Yoga, Dance, Drawing, Walking

About this Student

Hello, my name is Elif Tuba.


First of all, I can’t wait to meet you. We live together as 3 people in our house. My cat, my mother and me. My sister is studying at a university outside the city. In my daily routine, I usually go to school, my friends and I study at school, we have fun, then I come home or spend time outside with my friends. My mom and I prepare meals, read books, and talk about the day. My favorite activity to do with my mother might be shopping. Or prepare and eat dessert. My responsibilities at home are constantly changing. We do the housework in exchange with my mother.


We usually go out to eat with my friends. We shop together and take photos.My interests and hobbies are reading books, drawing and painting, keeping a calendar, walking and especially yoga. I really enjoy doing yoga.The city I live in is the 3rd most populous city in the country. That’s why I adapted to city life. We go to our village with my mother and sister during holidays. That’s why I adapted to village life. We stay there with my grandmother for 1-2 weeks.


I have stated in other forms that my future plans are to study in the department I want to study at. I want to be a person full of life. I want to do the job I want, study and have a nice and productive life. The first thing I want to do in this program is of course to get to know you and learn your culture. Going to a city in a country I don’t know and living there makes me very excited.


I’m so excited to meet you!!

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