Elena from Spain

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Elena from Spain

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Handball, Board Games, Running, Soccer

About this Student

Hi! My name is Elena and I live with my parents and two sisters, in a small city in the east of Spain. It is a city that is neither too big nor too small and where it is not very cold, so it’s perfect. I don’t have any pets but I really like them and I hope to have them when I grow up.


I have a big family so we love meeting at my grandparent’s countryside house and traveling together because we love to know new cultures. We also love to celebrate holidays together such as Christmas or Easter.


In my free time I like to play sports such as skating, which I played for 4 years and soccer, dancing, cycling and athletics, but I only play them with my friends and family in our free time. My favorite sport is handball and I play in a competition in my state with most of my friends so it’s very fun. Although I know that handball is not very common there, I hope to try new sports. But I also like other activities like listening to music, traveling, playing games with my family and meeting my friends.


I have many friends, most of them from my handball team or from school. I almost always make the same plans with them like going out to eat, going to the mall or going to watch soccer games. I love being with them because I have a great time. I have a best friend who is also going on an exchange next year, so we love to talk about how different and exciting our lives will be next year.


I think I’m a very sociable, outgoing and joyful person because I love meeting new people and getting to know them well. I’m also hardworking and helpful and I love helping people because that makes me feel good. I think the school is very important and I am very proud of having won the award for a great academic record in my city, which motivates me to continue working hard and achieve goals.


I’m really excited to go to the USA abroad. My sister was an exchange student last year, so when my parents proposed it to me, it didn’t take me long to think about it and I accepted, because I know it will be the best experience of my life. I know it’s an opportunity that not everyone can have, so I am very grateful that my parents let me be able to enjoy this adventure.  In fact, I know I will learn a lot and meet a lot of new people, something I can’t wait to do.


I hope that I can help you learn about Spanish culture and how different life is in my country. And of course, if you want, I will cook you some typical dishes from here!


Thank you for allowing me to live this wonderful experience. I’m looking forward to seeing you!

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