Laura from Spain

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Laura from Spain

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Dance, Scouting, Volleyball

About this Student

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m going to talk first about how I consider myself as a person. I consider myself a sympathetic, pleasant, kind, fun, educated, friendly, organized and sociable person.

I really like being with my family and friends but above all I like to dance. I belong to a dance group. I’ve been in this group since I was 10 years old. It’s something I do daily and my goal is to continue training hard so I can go further with dance.

I also love going to my family’s town, I go during Easter and summer. I have more friends there and I really enjoy it. What I like most about it, it is the beach with the sunsets and taking photos there.

I also have family there, and I love being with them, especially with my little cousins who I love madly. I love small children, taking care of them and playing with them because they enjoy it a lot and I love seeing them laughing when they play, they make me happy.

I also really like animals. I love seeing them. I have a dog named Chucky, I love taking him for walks and seeing him enjoy, playing with him and petting him, I love him very much. I like most is walking through the city center and even more so if it’s Christmas and that’s how I see the lights, which are very beautiful.

I belong to a scout group where I really enjoy and make many friends. We do different fun activities and I love going. There are three camps a year, Christmas camp which is five days, Easter camp which is another five days and summer camp which is the longest, which is fifteen days. I have been in this group for nine years, that is, since I was six years old. My scout group is one of the largest in my city. This has helped me make new friends and meet people much more easily. It also teaches you many things and teaches you to value the things in life. I hope to continue in this group for many more years.

At my school, I am in third year of secondary school. I have met many friends during the years I have been at this school. Right now I am very comfortable with the education that this school has given me and with all the values that it has taught me. It has taught me to respect all people, to behave at all times, and most importantly, it has taught me the way to God, Jesus Christ.

I want to go to the United States because I want to learn more English, mature, meet new cultures and new people and grow as a person. This idea was started by my father but before I didn’t want to because I was little and I didn’t see the great opportunity they were giving me and now I just want to finish this course to go.

Thank you very much for admitting me and wanting to welcome me into your home. I really want to meet you.

I hope to have a fantastic year.


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