Ignasi from Spain

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Ignasi from Spain

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Martial Arts, Fitness, Reading, Skiing

About this Student

Hello, my name is Ignacio, right now I’m 14 years old but when I’m there I’ll be 15 years old. I live in Spain with my little brother and my parents. Me and my family are really in touch, every Sunday we go to our grandparent’s house and eat with my cousins My grandmother loves to cook, in fact she is going to teach me a lot of recipes so I can share them with you. We also celebrate Christmas and the Three Wise Men every year with my whole family and friends.


My family and I travel often to other places in Spain like some islands in the Canarian archipelago like La Gomera or Fuerteventura and other places like Mallorca, Cádiz and Barcelona, on this last one we went skiing at Masella, a really beautiful mountain, and also we have visited other countries in Europe too, but I have never been in another continent, that’s one of the main reasons why I want to go to the USA, to visit new places.


I also have really close friends which I like to hang out with, we normally go to the cinema or the beach. When I meet new people I open up to them really fast but it mostly depends on the other person.


In school I try to be as organized as I possibly can with the homework that I get from school and also with my exams. My favorite school subjects are technology, chemistry and PE. And in the house I’ll do all the chores that are necessary.


Another important aspect of my life is sports and exercise, I love training, I always go to the gym three times a week with my dad and other days I do martial arts. I rarely play sports that involve teams like basketball, but I play football anyways in PE class because I have a great time with my friends. It is not that I don’t like those sports is just that I’m not very good and in fact I would love to learn how to improve in them.


You must be wondering why I want to go abroad and that’s because I always wanted to go to another continent, especially to a country like the United States, I also think it will be beautiful to share things with you like seeing new places in the state I´m going in, doing activities together like sightseeing or trying new sports, sharing our cultures and traditions and just having a great time with you.


I also have other hobbies like playing videogames with my friends, watching movies, doing sports like I said before, listening to music and making things at my grandfather’s workshop.


As I said before my grandfather has got a workshop at his house, I don´t usually go there really much because it is a bit far away, but there is where I do my school projects for technology and I really like that subject.

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