Maddalena from Italy

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Maddalena from Italy

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Cooking, Reading, Skiing and Snowboarding, Swimming

About this Student

Hello! My name is Maddalena, I’m a 16-year-old girl from Italy, living with my mom, my dad and my little sister.


Since I was a child, my dream has been to live in the US. I really wanted to go to high school there, discover the culture and celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving… I also want to be able to speak fluently in English.


I am attending my third year of high school. My favorite topics are laws and economics, and I find these classes very important for my future. I can speak Italian, English and a little bit of German. In Summer I like reading books, especially love romance ones, under the beach umbrella and I love staying at the sea and swimming and staying in the sea for many hours.


I have a good relationship with my family, even if sometimes I argue with my sister. My mom and my dad have always supported me in quite everything I chose to do, and I am so grateful for this. We don´t have any pets because we live in an apartment, I think it would be so much fun to be in a family where they have a dog or a cat, to experience something new.


In my free time I adore cooking and I think I am quite good at it. The cakes I bake are delicious, but I also enjoy cooking other kinds of recipes. I’m an active person, and every time I have some time I go out with my friends. On Saturdays I usually spend the evening in the city center talking with my friends and on Sundays in Winter I usually go skiing, and in Spring or Autumn I would usually go for a walk with my parents.


In my hometown I go swimming three times a week and I go to the gym twice, so if there’s the possibility, I’d like to keep practicing some kind of sport, either swimming, or I also would like to get to know more about sports I’ve never practiced, such as tennis or athletics, for example.


In summer I spend two weeks volunteering with some friends of mine. We are entertainers for children in elementary school. In the afternoon we organise workshops for the children and that was panting-day. It didn’t go as planned, because everyone started paint other people but anyway it was a great day, and I had a special memory.


Another hobby of mine is watching TV Shows. A flaw of mine is that I could literally stay up until late in the evening just to see how my show ends, I am too curious 😀 . When I am home alone, I listen to a lot of music, and different kinds. One of my biggest passions is traveling to different countries and learning their habits. I’ve been to lots of cities in Europe and so far my favorite is probably Barcelona but my dream cities to visit are Los Angeles and Paris, but also the Grand Canyon.


About my personality I can tell you that at first, I’m a bit shy, but then when I get to know someone better, I instantly become sociable and extroverted, and I keep talking a lot. I constantly try to bring joy to people around me, even if sometimes I tend to be insecure about myself. I believe I’m generous, reliable, ambitious, and also rarely lazy.


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