Karl from Sweden

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Karl from Sweden

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Student Council, Fishing, Golf

About this Student


My name is Karl and the reason I want to go to the US is that I’ve actually been to the US once before on a school trip for a part of Swedish school called Prao, and it is when students in Sweden get to try how it is to work and gain work life experience. Usually you would just stay in Sweden and work here, but when it was time for me to Prao I got an extremely good chance to go with my mom on a work trip to the US and experience what it is like in the US. Whilst I was in the US, I got to go for a day in an American high school and I loved it! My only regret was that I was only able to go for one day as I learned so much from just that day and that’s the reason I want to go to the US. But aside from that I would love to share some of the Swedish culture we have here that a lot of the people at the high school wanted to learn about such as midsommar, semlor And Lucia to name a few.


Some of my hobbies include golf, swimming or fishing, or anything with water really, and politics which is a quite big hobby of mine and something I have heard is a really big thing in the US with things such as debating and student councils witch is kind of my specialty as I am the student council president at my school. I also like most 15 year olds like to play video games and such. Another hobby of mine is 3d modeling and 3d printing though I don’t know how popular this hobby is in the US. Another hobby I occasionally enjoy is photography and I’ve recently started to use my phone instead of a camera.


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