Signe from Denmark

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Signe from Denmark

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Skiing or Snowboarding, Swimming, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis

About this Student

My name is Signe, I’m a girl from Denmark, and so excited to start my exchange journey.

I love being active, I love all sorts of activities, and I’m totally in love with sports. All kinds of sports, I love both watching and playing sports.

I play volleyball. I’ve been playing for 2 years, and I totally love it. I love going to practice, I love volleyball games, it doesn’t even have to be my own volleyball game. I also like just watching and cheering on from the sidelines. I truly think I’m the happiest version of myself when I’m on the volleyball court. My teammates and my coaches are like my second family. It would mean a lot to me, if I could play volleyball while on my exchange year.

I take school seriously, even though you’ll probably catch me having fun with my classmates and teachers, I still perform well when I must. I know that both my parents, teachers but also, I, myself, expect a great performance from me in school.

I’ve never had it hard in school. Some classes I perform better in then others, but overall, I’m doing good. The classes I perform best in are the ones I like the most, which is English and Physical Education mostly. As I said I love being active, but I also love speaking English, and learning new languages.

I love speaking different languages, and exploring the world, and its different cultures and countries. I’ve been to a lot of countries, mostly because everybody in my family loves travelling. Every year we go skiing in the winter, typically in Austria or Italy, but we’ve also gone skiing in Norway, Sweden, and Canada. In the summer we travel basically anywhere with nice weather. France, Italy, Croatia even Canada.

I love doing fun summer activities when we are on summer vacation. When we went to Canada, we hiked a lot, we went White River Rafting, which was my favorite part. We also went swimming in a bunch of lakes, and it was amazing and so refreshing.

When we travel within Europe in the summer, we typically bring our paddleboard with us. My mom and I love to go paddleboarding in the beautiful French Riveria, or at the pretty Croatian beaches. It’s honestly the best.

As much as I enjoy summer activities, I also enjoy winter activities. When we went to Italy a few years ago, we tried snowmobiling, that was so fun. When we went to Canada, we tried snowshoeing. In Austria, we tobogganed down an 8km long toboggan run. And then of course, there is skiing. I started skiing, when I was 4 years old, and I’ve gone on skiing vacation every year since. I love skiing.

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