Elia from Switzerland

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Elia from Switzerland

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Boxing, Cooking, Fitness, Reading, Football, Baseball, Basketball

About this Student

Hello! My name is Elia Levi and I was born and raised in Switzerland. I grew up with two older sisters. One of them has gotten married already, the other one still lives with us and studies at university. It was her who inspired me to go on an exchange because she went to the US in 2018/19. She was initially inspired by our mother who also went on exchange in the US in 1992/93. Now, six years later (or should I say 32 years later) I am going on an adventure myself.


I would love to get to know a different culture, experience living in another family, going to a school abroad and improve my English skills. I chose the US as my host country because in Europe the US is often being talked about. It seems to me like your contry has a lot to offer: Diversity in nature and among people. What my sister mentioned as her favourite part of the experience was the spirit. Apparently, US-citizens are very energetic and supportive of one another. I am looking forward to be part of your community and spread positivity as well. I am also looking forward to all the typically American experiences like prom, homecoming, football games, etc. Maybe I could also join a sports team myself.


You may wonder what I have been up to for the past 16 years. I have been a scout for a very long time. I like being outdoors, running, cycling or hiking, swimming or snowboarding. This is my last year as a scout because I am ready for new beginnings. Nowadays, I prefer going to the gym, boxing, cooking and reading – I also have to study more for school. My school is a specialized school for business and economics. That is a special interest of mine. During breaks from school I like to travel. So far I have been to twelve European countries – my favourties being (Southern) France, Spain and of course Switzerland. 😉


I played the drums for four years but at the moment I am taking a break from classes and instead I listen to music more often. I love 80s/90s hiphop, Billy Joel and sometimes I even enjoy some classical music.


Five facts to get to know me better

Favourite show: Brooklyn 99

Favourite food: Asian fusion

Favourite place: The beach and the alps

Favourite song: Cheesy by L Loko, Drini and Di-Meh (Swiss German)

Favourite city: Sevilla (But this might change during the exchange ;-))


I am very grateful to the family that chooses me. I am looking forward to spend quite a long time with you. 🙂

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