Lara from Spain

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Lara from Spain

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Basketball, Cooking, Sailing, Volleyball

About this Student

Hello! My name is Lara. I was born in Spain, in a beautiful island, where I live with my parents and my older sister (1 years older than me). I love animals and I would be happy to live with pets during my stay in America. We have always had dogs at home that we adored, but now we have two lovely cats.


I really like sports very much, I have practiced dance, volleyball, gymnastics, skating, but currently the ones I practice most often are basketball, sailing, skiing, surfing and my favourite is swimming. During my stay in America I would like to practice new sports such as ice hockey, American football, cheerleading, etc… any new sport that I can practice that is from the area where I will live is good for me.


I like going to school, because I have many friends there. In my class there are people from differents countries like China, Brasil, Canada, Germany, England, etc… It is very beautiful to share with them very good moments and we learn many new things from each other.


I love spending time with my family and when my parents are at home all four of us try to have dinner together since it is the important family time of the day. We all love cooking, so it’s always nice.


At home I keep my room tidy. My sister and I share parts of the housework to help my parents like setting the table, doing the dishes etc. Helping at home is something I have grown up with and I don’t expect anyone to look and clean after me.


For many reasons I would like to live one year in the USA. Apart from the day to day life of an American family I am really interested in the American way of life. I also want to improve my English and there is no better way of doing that but living in an English speaking country, making English speaking friends. At the same time I can share some of my culture and like that it can be a win – win situation.


I consider myself a very open minded person and I am sure this experience will open up a lot of new options for my future.

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