Florien from the Netherlands

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Florien from the Netherlands

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Saxophone, Field Hockey, Cooking

About this Student

Hi! I’m Florien. I’m 16 years old and ever since I was about 8 and I got an Ipad, I have wanted to go to America. I grew up watching YouTube videos of American YouTubers, making me interested in the culture of Americans. Videos of going grocery shopping, celebrating Christmas and other holidays have made me really want to expierence these simple things the American way. Getting a taste of the culture in America is one of the reasons I want to go abroad for a year. I have visited America once already, but I didn’t expierence these “simple things” because we were on a roadtrip and our main goal was sightseeing. I also haven’t expierenced school in America and thats yet another thing on my bucketlist.


Some of my hobbies are playing field hockey, drawing/making art and making music. I draw almost everyday and I have got multiple sketchbooks filled to every last piece of paper with sketches. I’m able to play multiple instruments like piano, guitar, drums and bass guitar, and I also really enjoy singing. Music plays a big part in my live as I listen to music everyday on my way to school and whilst drawing. My favourite band is Queen, I have been listening to them since I was very young. Some other bands im interested in are: ACDC, Radiohead and Guns N’ Roses. My field hockey team changes every year but I stick with one group of girls and we’ve become really close. All of my friends are really excited for me to visit America. I personally think I will not be having a problem leaving my friends and family for this fun exchange and next step in my life, I am sure getting homesick is a part of the proces but I have always been very independent.


The part im most excited for must definitely be meeting my host family and befriending more people. I have travelled a lot to countries like Turkey, Spain, France and Greece. I’ve picked up lot of culture aspects from European countries food wise and socially. I have asked my parents what they think needed to be in this letter, they want you to know that im very kind, funny but also sensitive.

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