Carolina from Spain

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Carolina from Spain

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Piano, Guitar, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis

About this Student

Hello, my name is Carolina and I’m 15 years old. My dad is Spanish, my mum is Slovak and me and my sister were born and raised the first few years of our life in Spain. We moved to Dubai when I was seven for two years due to my dad’s work. After Dubai we moved to Slovakia so that we could get to know my mums culture and language better. I’m currently back in Spain for the past three years attending a Spanish school.


I would say I have a quite big family!, I have a total of two aunts, five uncles, seven cousins,one grandpa, two grandmas, a sister and a mom and dad. Me and my family love traveling, every time we go somewhere in summer we try to go diving and surfing and in winter we made it a habit to go skiing every time!


Some other sports I do are swimming and tennis, sometimes when I get the chance I do some horse riding with my mom’s family in Slovakia! I also really enjoy listening to music, I even play two instruments, the guitar and the piano. Aside from all of my hobbies I have other interests like some subjects in school, I really like history, geography and the subject that interests me the most is biology! I’m close with most of my teachers like my biology, chemistry, history, even my math teacher, ever since I signed up for a science fair and especially my home room teacher which is also my English teacher. I also love acting so I used to go to drama classes, unfortunately, my schedule this year doesn’t really support the drama classes.


I would say I’m an extroverted, loyal and fun person and thanks to that I have many friends and I talk with almost everyone. Even though I have a lot of friends, there are three girls which I met in my first year (of three) in my current school, that are the closest to me. We do everything together and tell each other everything! Me and my friend group always go out on Fridays either to just walk around the neighborhood or sometimes we go watch a movie together at the cinema and when we have time we have sleepovers together!


I’ve learned a lot about my culture these past few years like cooking and I’ve celebrated festive holidays the way my cultures do it so I think I could definitely do some of those stuff while I’m in the US to share my culture.


I can’t wait to live in a new country, and I really hope I have a good time in the US and that I will learn and try a lot of new things during my stay. I’m very excited to go and I am extremely grateful that I’m able to have this opportunity, thank you so much for everything!

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