Norina from Germany

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Norina from Germany

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Dance, Cooking, Basketball, Rollerblading, Skating

About this Student

Hello! My name is Norina and I´m a german student. I am graduating from highschool this year.


Since I am still quite at a young age (17 years), I believe that pushing myself through atleast 3 years of studies, right after 12 years of school, won´t be very effective. So taking a step back to travel to the USA, learn so many maybe completely new things, living a high school life with no need to be perfect, sounded great to me. I know I have to keep up my ambitions to be good in school, but this gap year allows me to not be so hard on myself. I still stress about my grades here even though they aren´t bad at all, but I set myself such a high goal with my grade average in my finals, that I try so hard to reach it. I hope that in the 10 months i get to experience a different school and education system, which also allows me to have leisure time and fun at school. I feel like I am getting to gain some spark back in the upcoming time in the USA.


It´s always difficult to describe your own character since you´ve never experienced yourself from the `outside´ but I think I´m always triyng my best to see the good in everything. I love to be happy and spreading this emotion. When I start feeling comfortable around people I´m becoming more extroverted. It doesn´t take me a lot of time to get used to a new surrounding or new people. Though I wouldn`t truly consider myself as adapting to other character traits but more like still discovering new interest and personalities of myself.


Since I am an open-minded person and have several of interests as well as a versatile personality, I love experiencing or learning things and creating memories. I can be very creative with everything that is appealing to me. I´m a honest person and blunt when it comes to my opinion or view of situations. For this reason I´m trying to communicate as clearly as possible as well as being understanding.


I am very interested in learning languages. I do indeed speak french, want to learn spanish and mandarin/chinese. I´m a so called (in my family) `sandwich child´ , meaning, I have older and younger siblings. So, family is a big thing for me especially when it comes to my relationship to my siblings. Since I have a younger half-brother and a younger half-sister, I enjoy spending time with little kids. My creativity is most oft the time a great bond between me and kids. I would allow myself to suppose that the combination of my experience with children and my independence raise my responsibility. In addition I would call myself a quite active person. I can gain so much motivation for things I really want to get/reach/become.


I have always loved summer, sunshine and warm weather as well as all the activities it brings with it, like going to the beach, go swimming, spending time in the garden, to hold barbeques with neighbours and friends while dancing to songs till midnight and having fun in the pool.

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