Sofia from Spain (Fall Year)

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Sofia from Spain (Fall Year)

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Program Start: August 2024

Program Length: Academic Year

Interests: Cycling, Volleyball, Reading, Drawing, Cross Stitching, Crafts

About this Student

My name is Sofía. I live in a house located in a small city with my parents, my little sister and my little brother. We have two cats, they had been together since they were little, I love spending time with them and, although I don’t have a dog, I really like them too, each of my best friends have one and when I go to their houses, I like spending time and playing with them.

I love reading in Spanish as well as in English. I really like drawing and playing board games with my family and friends. I play volleyball in my school team and I really enjoy it. I also cycle a lot: with my family, to go to my training lessons and classes or just for a ride to get fresh air. The subjects I like most, are maths, physics, chemistry and biology, I also like quite a lot English and German, the two languages I study. I like little kids, playing and taking care of them, I’m used to it as I have two little sibling and about 6 little cousins. I haven’t travel much, only to England this summer but I loved it.

Last but not least, why do I want to go for an exchange year? The main reason is to learn about the American culture and way of living as I don’t really know much, only from the movies. I also want to go to live a new experience, improve my English and make new friends, hope for the rest of my live, and not just for a year. I would also want to built a live-time friendship with my host family.

I am looking forward to meeting you all, have a very good day!

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