Piotr from Poland (Spring Semester)

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Piotr from Poland (Spring Semester)

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Program Start: January 2024

Program Length: Semester

Interests: Role playing games, board games, martial arts, swimming

About this Student

My name is Piotr, or Peter in English. Currently I’m in 10th grade. Here, each student can choose which subjects they would like to have more of in their schedule. The ones I’ve chosen are chemistry, physics, biology and math.

When it comes to my hobbies I usually play some sort of tabletop type of games. This includes board, card games or role-playing games with which I have almost 4 years of experience with. For context, role-playing games, or RPG’s for short, are like acting classes with an interactive story and characters. I guess I could also mention that I am a fan of pop music in general. Also I swim and I don’t mean casually. I have training sessions twice a week with the swimming academy, created by a famous American swimmer.

I’ve been interested in the USA for a long time now. I find it really intriguing that a country that is as big as Europe, can remain stable demographically and economically. After all every state is populated by different groups of people, yet they are all loyal and proud of their country. Not only that, the American high school experience is also something I would like to experience. Even if schools now are nothing like in the movies, the very fact that I could confront culture from a continent on the other side of the globe is fascinating for me.

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